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It is predicted that the entire scope of I.T. businesses will be cloud-based by 2020. It is the cloud’s simplicity that is quickly making it the most used resource on the planet. Companies are investing in this technology at a rapid rate, so it appears to be rooting itself in the core of industries.

Big things are in store for cloud computing in 2019. As the new year approaches, we are pinpointing our predictions for the major trends that will take the tech world by storm! We are kicking off this four part series with Hybrid Solutions – an already established trend that will continue to offer a lot to businesses large and small.

What Are Hybrid Cloud Solutions?

A hybrid cloud environment intermixes private (user-managed) and public (third party) clouds. The needs of businesses change all the time and this composition adapts by allowing workloads to move between public and private clouds.

Who Can Use Hybrid Cloud Solutions?

Greater flexibility is an attribute that many modern business models strive for. This solution responds to the needs of start up companies, businesses that experience seasonal fluctuations and other dynamic firms. A hybrid cloud solution can also be advantageous to big data processing. Deploying this strategy can increase computational function and analytical skill.

Major Benefits of Hybrid Clouds:

Utilizing hybrid services from cloud providers is incredibly cost effective for businesses. This structure increases up-time, offers better security, optimizes storage  and improves disaster recovery management. As many business owners know, it is always best to expect the unexpected. These advantages help to maintain continuity in the face of both minor hiccups and unimagined challenges.

Will your company be making the switch to a hybrid environment in 2019? Stay tuned for our next installment of this series as we will be looking at the substantial rise of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. Learn what these platforms are, how they work and if they could be an exciting prospect for your enterprise!

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