The captivating world of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is evolving rapidly. AI software is designed to mimic the cognitive functions of the human mind.

A.I. Vs Human Brain

AI is already outperforming humans in some aspects of daily life – from translating languages to correctly diagnosing disease. Warehouses will soon to be filled with high-performing AI robots. Self-driving cars are poised to be released this year. A smart speaker such as Google Home may have assisted you today in setting your alarm system or streaming your favourite playlist. This innovative technology is also playing a key role in the fight against rampant ransomware attacks.

Half of us don’t even know

A recent study concluded that 48 percent of business owners are unaware of the threat of ransomware. Small and medium-size businesses are the most common targets of attacks. This malicious malware can block users from accessing their files. In order to regain access, users must pay thieves a ransom. Since 2016, ransomware infections have cost North American businesses millions of dollars.

Acronis A.I. + Machine Learning

In response to this cyber-security crisis, back-up software provider Acronis has created AI-based Acronis Active Protection. Declared the most effective ransomware protection available to date, this smart technology prevents thousands of businesses from falling victim to thieves every minute.

The integration of machine learning (exclusive to Acronis’s software) allows for it to stay ahead of the game in areas where other anti-virus systems fall short. The software uses cognitive shortcuts that have been developed to detect and analyze injections of a virus code. This series of rules for judgment and decision-making is not unlike the one present in our own brains. When software can think the way we do, it can solve problems quickly and more effectively.

Once identified, Active Protection can easily overpower all strains of ransomware. The user is instantly notified by Acronis if a strain is detected. If any files are affected while an attack is being stopped, they will be restored. Acronis’s system is not dependent on an Internet connection to work successfully so protection remains unbroken.

Artificial intelligence is still new and has endless potential for changing industries. It may even be responsible for eradicating the threat of malware in the future. Acronis Active Protection is a state-of-the-art program that will only continue to improve as machine learning advances. Canadian Cloud Backup is proud to offer this leading-edge software to customers.



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