What is the downtime going to cost you?

One bad experience can cost you a significant amount of time, money and even clientele. Imagine this scenario: Your system goes down due to a simple error. You must now rebuild it while your staff sits in front of blank screens waiting to regain access. The frustrated staff begins to lack patience when dealing with customers. Customers become perturbed and end up turning to another company to meet their needs. Meanwhile, you are discovering that your backup is outdated and you have suffered a substantial loss of data. This scenario can snowball in a matter of minutes.

If you are only updating your system weekly, or your data is stored off-location, a situation like this could one day be all too real for your business. A crash can happen at any time in the form of employee error or natural disaster. The cause of a crash cannot be foreseen, but the implications are easy to predict.

Downtime Puts Your Reputation at Risk

Even a small amount of downtime can result in disgruntled customers. Whether they are upset that they cannot make a transaction or that key information in their file was lost, a crash can cause customers to walk out the door. Your competitive advantage hangs in the balance with every second of downtime that your business incurs.

Downtime Affects Productivity  

Idle employees are never good for business. Suspending projects because of downtime keeps your company stagnant and causes strain within the team.

Downtime Drains Resources

Pouring money into recovery efforts can put your business in the red. You may be forced to hire outside support services as well as temporary workers to help get things back on track. You also will be paying employees for inefficient hours while calculating the amount of potential sales lost during the system failure.


Downtime doesn’t have to cost you everything. You can easily ensure that, in some instances, it won’t cost you anything! Canadian Cloud Backup provides an innovative and reliable hybrid-cloud solution for your data so it is consistently updated. Taking the steps to minimize downtime and ensure a fast, straightforward recovery will give you peace of mind. So when disaster strikes, your team is ready.

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