The Age of RansomWare

There are two types of businesses: those that are prepared for a ransomware attack and those that are not.

As this new threat continues to spread, companies of all sizes are realizing they need to do something to protect their valuable data. Not just from popular ransomware programs like Wannacry but even more damaging “wiper” attacks like NotPetya.

Every high-profile attack brings an increased demand for action. In 2017 UK’s National Health Service (NHS) was attacked by RansomWare and could not access patients records. Some U.S. Hospitals reported the WannaCry “Red Skull & Crossbones” logo on Radiation Machines made by Bayer. Nissan and FedEx also experienced delays and production shut downs on a international scale.

This presents an opportunity for solution providers like Canadian Cloud Backup. We have the expertise and know-how to serve as a trusted advisor, and the ability to deliver reliable, cost-effective protection.

RansomWare Defense starts with you.

Below are steps businesses should take to bolster their ransomware defense, including:

  • Making sure operating systems, programs and apps are up to date.
  • Using a strong anti-virus software.
  • Educating employees about various kinds of malware and how they work – especially the importance of not opening emails/files from unknown sources.

The best protection from ransomware is a strong backup strategy. With regular backups secured in the cloud, ransomware becomes little more than a nuisance. If a business is hit by an attack, it has little to worry about because it has accessible, secure copies of files that have been encrypted.

“Individuals or businesses that regularly back up their files on an external server or device can scrub their hard drive to remove the ransomware and restore their files from backup” Peter Kadzik, assistant U.S. Attorney General, wrote in a letter to Congress in 2016. “If all individuals and businesses backed up their files, ransomware that relies on encrypting user files would not be as profitable a business for cyber criminal actors.”

Acronis and Canadian Cloud Backup now offer reliable and easily customizable backup solution that can protect your customers’ data anywhere. Whether it is located on-premises, in remote systems, in private and public clouds, or on mobile devices.

Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, this solution backs up data on up to 21 platforms through a single, web-based console. It enables you to protect your customers from any kind of crippling data loss. Hardware failure, hackers, natural disaster, human error – are no problem with the world’s fastest, most complete backup solution.

Going Beyond Backup

Best of all, Acronis’ leading-edge technology goes far beyond backup. Ground-breaking Acronis Active Protection™ is the only backup technology that uses artificial intelligence to actively fight back against ransomware.

Acronis Active Protection uses sophisticated analysis and machine learning to monitor a system. If it spots errant behavior or suspicious processes, it immediately stops the activity and blacklists the program responsible for it. Ensuring that it can’t restart on the next reboot.

If ransomware somehow does manage to start encrypting files, Acronis Active Protection will quickly detect the encryption and halt it. Then it will automatically restore the files to the most recently backed up version.

How effective is Acronis’ solution?

It’s stopped 15,000 ransomware attacks for 10,000 customers since it was first launched in 2017. In testing by an independent lab, Acronis Active Protection significantly outperformed 22 anti-virus solutions in recognizing and blocking ransomware.

Many strains utilize zero-day exploits that are unknown to traditional signature-based anti-virus software. Acronis Active Protection uses artificial intelligence to look for erratic processes and behaviors. Because of this it’s able to quickly spot ransomware and put a stop to it before the damage begins.

Ransomware is expected to become much more sophisticated. If your customers aren’t already asking about it, they soon will. Give them peace of mind in the Age of Ransomware with backup solutions from Canadian Cloud Backup powered by Acronis.

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