12 Acronis 2018 features and online backup tips

Backing up data is an essential practice to keep your business running smoothly no matter what lies ahead. Online backup is a safe and convenient solution that guarantees the protection of your data.

Canadian Cloud Backup is proud to deliver best-in-class software to our customers. Acronis True Image 2018 is a fresh software from the trusted Acronis platform. It fuses online and local backup for phenomenal security and easy user-accessibility. Here is our breakdown of the top expertly-designed features available through ATI 2018.

Zero Interruption 

All operations are performed in the background so that backing up your system never impedes your workflow.

Access From Any Device

Headed to an important meeting and realize that you have forgotten your laptop at home? You can easily access the files you have backed up from any device such as your smartphone or tablet.

Compatibility with All Household Devices

Provide your entire family of devices with superior protection. From iPhones and Android phones to desktops and tablets, all device types fall under ATI’s backup system.

Everything Is Saved

Bookmarks, web history, preferences, customizations, photos, videos – if it has been saved on your device at any time, it is fully recoverable through online backup.

Searchable Files

Your entire disk has been recovered, and there is one specific file that you need immediately. ATI allows you to search both local and cloud backups to find exactly what you need when you need it!

Effortlessly Automatic Mobile Backup

A simple QR code is generated by ATI that, when scanned, begins the process of syncing your computer with your mobile device. As long as they are operating on the same WiFi network, you are all set.

Remote Backup Management

With remote backup management, your location will never inhibit your ability to configure and view your backups.

Automatic Social Backup

Your social media profile is a vital component to your personal and professional life. ATI provides automatic backup for your Facebook and Instagram accounts, keeping your important photos and posts preserved.

Space Saving Archives

Don’t let older files congest your system. ATI securely archives non-operational content to the cloud and local drives. These files remain easily accessible without taking up any room.

File Retention and Versioning

Many programs place a limit on your retention time. ATI lets you select the number of files you want to keep and for how long, with no restrictions!

Acronis True Image is an amazing tool because of its automated capabilities. There are some key measures that the user can implement to get the most from this software. Here are three ways of ensuring that you have an optimal experience using ATI!

Encrypt Your Data

Before sending your data off to the security of the cloud, make sure it has been encrypted.

Use Strong Passwords

Make your passwords long, avoid using common phrases and, when it doubt, use a password manager.

Configure Backups to Multiple Destinations

For the best protection, configure your backups to multiple destinations. ATI allows you to schedule as many different backup plans as you deem necessary.

If you would like to learn more about Acronis and the benefits of online backup software, please contact our experts!

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