The many security and compliancy features in office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is well-known for unifying content creation within work environments. It is an easy to install, easy to learn tool that provides a host of benefits to its users. While Office 365 provides a long list of innovative features, how does it measure up when it comes to security and compliancy? It’s time to dig deeper into the features that this program utilizes to guard your important information.

The Security and Compliance Center in Office 365 is the place to go to monitor user and admin activity, draft a plan for keeping your data safe, manage data governance and so much more! Certain features of the Security and Compliance Center are available on specific Office plans. We will explore the most common features available through Business and Enterprise plans.

Threat Management

Available on all 365 plans, Threat Management uses mail filtering to prevent spam leaking into your company’s inboxes. It also employs anti-malware policies to protect against malicious viruses and spyware programs that can attack through email.

Mobile Device Management

Employees who use tablets or smartphones for work can enroll these devices in Mobile Device Management to keep them secure. Through MDM, admins can create and manage security policies and access comprehensive reports on each device.


Electronic Discovery is a tool for detecting and delivering conversational data that can serve as evidence in a legal case. eDiscovery lets you freely search through your organization’s email inboxes, Skype for Business conversations and Office 365 Groups to find key pieces of information.

Data Governance

Data Governance allows you to run a full content lifespan. You can begin by importing and storing data, producing policies that preserve it when it’s needed and then ultimately delete it when it becomes redundant. This system eases the overload of data that many organizations inevitably face and assures that there is always space for what’s important.

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