5 reasons SharePoint keeps your data safe

When you think of your most valuable worldly possessions, where would you feel the most comfortable having them stored? In a lock box? In a bank safe? Your company’s sensitive data requires the same level of security and care. Businesses of all sizes look to SharePoint to protect their most important digital information.

SharePoint is a Microsoft cloud program that stores and organizes your data. It is available online or through Office 365. It allows you to access and share when you need to through any device. Keeping data on the cloud eliminates the hassle of manual file storage. But how can you be sure that SharePoint is the most trusted option? Let’s explore what this service has to offer when it comes to safeguarding your business.

1) Data Encryption

SharePoint offers encryption when data is both in-transit and at rest. The service uses best-in-class encryption when data is moving between you and the data centre or between the server and the data centre.

File-level encryption comes in to play when data is at rest. The data is broken up into multiple chunks of content resembling a million-piece puzzle that can only be re-assembled by an intricate map.

2) Network Location Restrictions

This feature, available with just a few clicks, lets you set boundaries for those accessing SharePoint outside of certain networks. The program already takes measures to prevent shoddy IP addresses from gaining access, but this control allows you to call the shots and define the networks that you trust.

3) Compliance

Microsoft does not take compliance standards lightly. Their compliance certifications cover national, regional, and industry-specific requirements that regulate the compilation and use of data. Independent parties routinely audit them. Microsoft’s stringent commitment to these industry standards means programs like SharePoint are recognized for their credibility. 

4) Reliability

Microsoft 365 boasts a 99.9% uptime guarantee and has never dropped below it. Their transparency with customers extends to their Office 365 Service Health Dashboard, which allows you to view detailed reports on the strength of your service.

If an issue ever arises with your data, only highly-proficient engineers are permitted access to it in order to perform maintenance. Every move they make is carefully logged and made available to you. You can feel assured that your information is being preserved and protected by professionals.

5) Permission and Users

SharePoint Online permission hierarchy is accommodating to your business structure. A ‘SharePoint group’ is a collection of users who all maintain the same permission level. SharePoint groups are created by you, so you always know who has access to what data. You can also define users by type, making each employee an Administrator, Power user or End user. Each of these users has different roles in your company. These tools provide an innovative designation system so that the right people are given the right access.

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