Is Cloud Backup Right for You?

How exactly you manage your data and keep it safe is a big decision for businesses. You understand the important of data protection in case of a disaster, but is cloud backup your best option? Let’s explore what needs to be considered when choosing cloud backup.

Are you working with a trusted provider?

Researching the provider is an important first step. You want to look for a provider that stores your data in your home country in a secure datacentre. A provider who is approachable, open to questions and easily accessible by phone or email is an asset.

Next, evaluate your business’s unique needs and discuss them with your provider. Ideally your provider should be able to meet your needs with a plan that is highly customized to your business.

If a provider has left you feeling unsure, ask for references. Speaking with customers who have similar business needs and have experienced positive outcomes will help to put your mind at ease.

Does the service support all platforms?

It is critical that the service you are considering supports all platforms that your business is currently using and may use in future. This includes platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac as well as applications such as Hyper-V and Microsoft Exchange.

It may be an effective step to ask to run a trial of the service on your most challenging hardware to determine its viability.

Does the pricing structure work for your business?

Cloud Backup can save your business a substantial amount if a disaster strikes. However, your provider should offer a pricing structure that reflects the quality of service you are receiving.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to fully understand what is included. You are looking for a service that will save your business money, decrease management overheads, provide scalability and ultimately keep your data safe.

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