10 Business Ideas Using Cloud Backup in 2022 (Don’t Miss Out on Number 10!)


The new year brings about feelings of a fresh start and for man, this means embarking on new business adventures. But to succeed, you can’t just do any old thing, you need a business idea that will work in today’s tech-savvy world.

Cloud technology and business solutions are already popular and their adoption is only increasing. 2022 is the perfect time to capitalize on this growth. Finding the right idea can be difficult and to help you set off in the right direction, Canadian Cloud Backup has put together this list of the best cloud-based business ideas for 2022!

Cloud computing has a number of uses and applications. This versatility equates to a wide range of excellent business ideas!

Here are our favorite cloud-based business ideas. Be on the lookout for number 10! 

1. Start a Cloud Storage Service

Cloud storage is perhaps the most widely understood use of cloud technology. 

In this scenario, data is stored on remote servers that can be accessed through the internet. These servers will be maintained and operated by cloud service providers. 

Starting a cloud storage service gives you the opportunity to provide support and storage solutions to any business that deals with large amounts of data and/or wants increased performance and online security. 

Cloud storage provides users with secure but easy access to their data in real-time, while also serving as a data backup should they fall victim to a cybersecurity breach or experience physical damage to their on-site servers. 

With businesses continuing to operate online, the demand for cloud storage services is high. 

2. Become a Cloud File Hosting Service Provider

Cloud hosting allows businesses to be more agile. As a cloud hosting service, you can scale based on the needs of the client. Apps and websites can use cloud file hosting services to access the reliability and scalability that comes from storing data on multiple servers instead of deploying on a single server. 

Today’s businesses need reliability and accessibility, as a cloud file hosting service provider, you can offer exactly that. 

3. Become a Cloud Printing Provider

If you are looking for a B2B business opportunity, cloud printing technology is a great place to start! 

Cloud printing enables access to printers across a network. Many home users are able to print from one device to a cloud-enabled printer located in their home or network. As a cloud printing provider, you will be able to offer that same sort of service to businesses on a wide scale. 

Cloud printing means that printers are available to be shared and used by anyone, at any time. This is very useful to publishers and content creators that need access to production facilities to produce hard copies of their materials. 

Established companies in the printing space, like Xerox and Hewlett-Packard provide cloud printing solutions but their packages and pricing models may not be accessible to everyone. 

In creating a cloud printing service, you can fill in the gaps!

4. Start a Cloud Software Engineering Service

If you have software engineering skills and want to build or expand a business, a cloud software engineering service may be for you. 

As a cloud software engineering service,  you can offer software development to businesses all over the world. The cloud allows for agile and custom builds in a range of industries, including banking, insurance, and healthcare. 

5. Provide Cloud-Based Accounting

Cloud accounting is growing in popularity. Using the cloud enables businesses to access their bookkeeping and accounting records any time they need. 

As an accountant, you can make your services available through the cloud. Clients can have real-time access to income and expense reporting, tax support, and payroll documentation. 

Instead of needing to meet with you in an office, clients from all over the country can access your skills through the cloud. This gives them easy access and opens you to a wider client base. 

6. Offer Cloud Marketing Services

Cloud marketing services allow you to support businesses in providing personalized integrated digital experiences.

Increasingly, customers and clients are using the internet to engage with and research brands before making a purchase. Businesses can leverage this trend and use cloud technology for marketing automation, inbound marketing campaigns, lead scoring and tracking, and managing the sales cycle.  

7. Start a Cloud Security Firm

While cloud technologies offer increased security for those using them, there are some risks associated with them. The cloud can be susceptible to data breaches, insecure APIs, and outdated shared technologies. All of these issues can put data at risk. 

As a cloud security firm, you can address these security risks. You will essentially be protecting the data and information stored on the cloud from loss, theft, or leakage. With strict policies, software tools, VPN controls, and firewalls, you can work with businesses to mitigate these risks. Whether you work to build safer cloud infrastructures from the planning stages or provide SaaS solutions, there are plenty of opportunities in cloud security. 

8. Start a Cloud Real Estate Business

For those in real estate, transitioning to the cloud has many benefits. Cloud real estate solutions could reduce costs, improve continuity and workflows, and increase data security. 

As with most professions, real estate is moving online. It is already a largely mobile business so the cloud can help agents, brokers, and inspectors access customer and building data with ease. 

And given the importance of relationship-building in real estate, the cloud can offer customized and personalized marketing solutions helping real estate professionals reach their target client base more efficiently. 

9. Start a YouTube and Blog about Cloud Computing

Cloud backup and cloud computing are hot topics.  And to most people outside of the tech and computing sectors, it is a complicated subject. 

Because the cloud is only going to play a larger role in our everyday lives, 2022 is the perfect time to start a YouTube channel or a blog dedicated to all things related to cloud computing. 

If you have a firm grasp on the technology and are able to stay ahead of trends and the latest developments and information, you could make a business out of sharing knowledge and insight.

You can sell advertising and take full advantage of the organic traffic headed your way. If you have enough success, you may be able to help cloud services providers advertise their offerings. 

10. Mine Cryptocurrency

Cloud technologies have enabled the greatest business idea of 2022! Cryptocurrency, its value, and its uses are only going to grow in the years ahead. 

Every day it seems that new crypto coins hit the market which provides plenty of opportunities for high earnings now and in the future. 

No longer are you required to mine cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, on a dedicated server. Now Proof of Stake protocols allow crypto to be mined over the cloud. 

You will want to research the cryptocurrency types carefully before investing but having seen the huge windfalls people experienced with Bitcoin, it would be a mistake to ignore this growing trend. 

Decentralized currencies, like crypto, are poised to be the way of the future so when it comes to new business ideas in 2022, there are none better! 

Don’t Let These Cloud Business Ideas for 2022 Pass You By!

Cloud business use cases are on the rise. These 10 ideas should provide you with ample inspiration to find a solution that is perfect for you!

No matter what business you begin in 2022, Canadian Cloud Backup can provide the backup, storage, and disaster recovery support you need. And with File Sync, Office 365, and Hosted Exchange, operations will be seamless and productivity will be off the charts. 

If your business idea involves providing cloud support to your clients, you can partner with us to white label our solutions

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